41 more days

So what to do while I wait for surgery? Start a hobby? Clean? Organize??? Done done and done.  My kids finally go back to school tomorrow. (pardon while I do a little happy dance)  I home school my oldest child so we will get back to that routine, and that will help time fly as well. I got a fitbit on black Friday and have really enjoyed seeing that progress. I am such a nerd in the respect that I love watching the numbers go up, even more so the one with the stairs. I can’t do many in a row though. I get winded and my ankles begin to hurt. After like 2 or 3 sets I start to get the I can’t do anymore mentality. So here I am. Counting down days. 41 isn’t the count until surgery. It is the count until we leave. The 15th of February, my husband gets to sign out at midnight. with our car full, kids in tow we will set out on our drive. We have found that doing it this way was best. They sleep most of the way and we have less stops. We have to check into our hotel room between 1pm and 4pm. We are very fortunate to stay at a Fischer house Alaska. (Google it). In my surgery paperwork. It says. “Do not have a food funeral.” ummmmmm…… okay. So I plan on not having a funeral but a celebration. There are a few things I will never be able to eat again, or eat much of like normal. Now again, I don’t have a relationship with food. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, and some foods love. A couple years ago my best friend took me to this amazing little hole int he wall Indian food restaurant. I had the best meal there that day. I make a point to have it every time I come to that town. I will be having my favorite dish there before surgery. Now many people have to do a two week pre diet. You may have had to do it, or heard of someone who had to. I do not have to. That diet is to help some people lose a little weight prior to surgery, show the surgeon that they have the dedication for after surgery, or to shrink their livers for surgery. Each surgeon is different, each person is different. So here I am, today home with my kiddos thinking, how am I going to pass this day. My house is clean, laundry done, kids are fed and happy.  Just as I type this, I am thinking, of getting my bum off here, and going on a walk with my kids. It is light enough outside and just warm enough to not be to cold. Oh yea, I live in Alaska. Middle eastern Alaska, so it is a darker longer, and colder.



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