Goal clothes

I have started a “goal clothes” stash. Somehow my husband found a pair of the jeans and said. “Honey whose are these?” I told him they were mine. The look on his faced and this comment made me have to take a step back and realize he wasn’t meaning to hurt my feelings. He said, “are you sure?” with a lump in my throat and I could feel tears wanting to well up. I told him about my goal clothes stash. I explained how I know that as I lose weight I will need clothes, but the sizes will keep coming off, and I am not going to keep buying clothes and pretty much never needing them again. So I have been going to thrift stores on special $5 bag days. I found these jeans, practically brand new and really sexy. I actually may never fit them. Right now, I cant even get them past my knees. It will be a huge non scale victory when I can get them up past my thighs. Even more of a victory when I can get them closed. Oh you bet I will come back here and post a picture of me in them. For now, I have posted this lovely picture for your viewing pleasure. I can’t wait to fit these bad boys.


goal jeans


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